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New World
I have had to "Move" to a new world, well sort of I was having a issue with the world (AP) I was using, every time I tried to play it would freeze up, this actually caused me great problems, as this has been happening for months well since about February, All my mare in that world are pregnant & I have been trying to play long enough for them to foal this unfortunately isn't do able. I will try to extract them from that world & get them into a different world at some point, I also have a few foals I instant babied on a back up computer so I will try to get to those as well. This means that Ghost & her Cat friend are MIA for now :( but will hopefully be saved soon.

So because of the Freezing it has proven very difficult to save/extract the horses, dogs, sims & cat from that world. I have ended up just starting over with the original files saved too the library, this means that all the work I did has been lost for the time being including the lot I built for my main stable site :( this is the most upsetting part as it was custom colored black & red & took me several days to build.

I am now playing in Sunset Valley & Customizing several of the lots there to be Equine/Canine friendly.

So if I seem inactive or slow this is why.
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